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Our Mission

Trois Frères Biltong is glad to finally say we are ready to start serving our patient fans with great tasting biltong, made right here in France (Marseille).  Our mission started as an idea back in January 2012 and we've made a lot of effort to make it this far.  It is our mission that is our motivation, and we hope to become and stay your go-to biltong boys.


Our mission starts and ends with a love for biltong.  We are a couple of anglophones from different parts of the world who have come to love this country and its culinary delicacies, unfortunately still missing a bit of home.  We realized we weren't the only ones sitting at the bar, hiking through the calanques, and chilling at the beach craving a bit of biltong, so we made it our mission to bring biltong here.  We started by importing it but soon came to realize it wasn't just us homesick anglophones needing their biltong; the French found their own taste for it too.  We needed more and fast.  So we went into hiding, building our 'Willy Wonka' factory of dried meat deliciousness.  And now it is here and ready to serve all of France; anglophone, francophone, and any -phone looking for that special treat.  Our mission is, and will continue to be, to create quality biltong here, for you, so you don't have to pay for overpriced imports.  Vive le biltong.


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    Warren (vendredi, 03 juin 2016 16:03)

    Hello Jillian,
    Not a problem. I'll run through it with you and I will also create a devis with our address and bank details (including the 10% 'Bienvenue' reduction) via Facebook now so you can pay by check or transfer if you find that method easier.

    As for the online store:
    - From the home page (where we are now), click on the 'Store' button on the menu bar above this page (below the logo).
    - From there you will immediately see the store items and a maroon 'ajouter au panier / add to cart' button at the bottom of each item description.
    - Click this button to add the items you want: '250g Tasty Original' in this case. A drop down will appear showing the item you just added and will ask if you want to 'Continuer les achats' (continue shopping) or 'finaliser ma commande / Check out'.
    - Click 'Check out', this will take you to the check out process. Where you will see your desired item along with the price, shipping fee and total cost (all in French at the moment - I'll work on adding the English soon), along with how much of the final cost is TVA.
    - Below this, you have the 'Code Reduction' box where you type in 'Bienvenue' (mind the caps), hit enter and you will immediately see the reduction take place.
    - Then click 'etape suivant' to continue the checkout process, filling out the necessary details: address, name, etc.
    - Next will be your payment method, choose and fill out the necessary information
    - Then confirm your order and be sure to click the 'J'ai lu et accepte' box for the Terms and Conditions.

    If you have any more questions about this, don't hesitate to ask. Once again, if you prefer to contact us directly, don't hesitate to give us a ring or send us an email:

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    Jillian Malleval (vendredi, 03 juin 2016 15:22)

    I would like to order a 250g packet of Tasty Original biltong please...not quite sure HOW I go about this nor how I can enter the 'Bienvenue' ...not too bright on the new Technologies, am I. Enjoyed your using 'Willy Wonka' (grin). I KNOW you replied to my FB message & am not sure if I should come here or use your

And don't hesitate to sign up for mailing list to stay in touch and receive information about biltong or Les Trois Frères.