Who eats biltong?

We believe biltong is for everyone, even vegetarians will be tempted.  Whether you are an athlete, gourmand, or average Joe/Jane, biltong will be right for you.


It has even been said that you can ensnare a unicorn with biltong.

Barroom Heroes and Philosophers

Whether you enjoy the pub scene or a bar owner looking to keep your clients at the pub and thirsty, a bag of biltong gives you the sustenance at the bar that chips and olives fail to do.  No need to lose your barstool or table to grab a bite to eat.  Grab a bag of biltong and enjoy that place you call your second home.


Because no good story ever started with a salad.

Health Nuts and Athletes

One bag of Trois Frères Biltong provides you with half of your protein needs (RDA).  Eat a bag before your workout and one after.  Crank the music, pump the iron, and run like the wind, we won't hold you back.  Save money on powders and pills and buy a real product with natural protein for a real body. 


Beef up!

Les Gourmands

Wanna treat yourself to something new, tasty, and different?  Like being that guy or gal at the party who brings the best apero?  Share it or hog it, let the others buy the standard stuff.  You're unique, exotic, and interesting and your choice of snack should represent that.  Have a taste of Africa made with you in mind.


Eat-Share-Love Biltong


Not just on an athletic level, biltong is great for any diet or people just generally conscious of what they put inside their bodies.  A popular diet today, being Paleo, is a strong advocate for dried beef snacks and generally avoiding the processed snacks mostly found today that keep people feeling fat, sick, and tired. 


Eat healthy.  Feel healthy.

Outdoorsy Type

You can't get more natural than Trois Frères Biltong.  Both animal and plant are used along with a bit of love and passion.  Whether a Sunday walk or a month long camping trip for the survival enthusiast, TFB  fits right in to nature and satisifies your savage side.


Drink the wild air.

Expats and Tourists

Expats already in France will become your regulars and tourists passing by will come in if you have biltong at your establishment.  From the US, UK, China, and many other countries, they all love dried meat.  Why not get the upperhand on the bar down the street by putting up a TFB 'Biltong Sold Here' poster?


Call more than one place Home.

Soldiers and Adventurers

Salted meat has helped soldiers and pioneers alike for centuries.  Les Frères, being prior service, know a thing or two about long marches and rough environments.  So whether fighting for freedom or searching for it on your own personal adventure.  Biltong fits nicely in a cargo pocket and provides the nutrients you need to help you keep going.


A break from soldiers' porridge.


From teething babies to healthy growing children, biltong is awesome to provide that precious life the source of nutrients he needs and even more so, kids love it.  Test it and find out for yourself.  As children, Les Frères always reached for the bag of dried meat before the candy bar.  And for the future mothers, there are many benefits to eating biltong during pregnancy.  Don't just take our word for it.  Ask your doctor.


Mother Approved.

Sports Fans

About the only thing as ingrained into the South African culture as rugby is biltong.  Whether at the pub with friends to watch the game or hosting your own get-together at the house, you gotta have biltong on the table.  We say rugby here, but biltong isn't just South African anymore, it is for any sports fan who wants that perfect snack to keep him in the game.


Scrum and Get Me.

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