Petite Soirée chez La Minotte, a brasserie just below the famous Notre Dame de la Garde in Marseille.  Pictured below are yours truly, Sully and Warren, Sully's lovely missus, Amelie (also responsible for these pittoresque photos below), and lastly a new super-fan who got a bit excited from our biltong as is evident in the photos.

Bring and Braai 2016

The 'South Africans in France' invited us to their annual Bring and Braai.  This would prove to be a test of sorts for us as biltong guys, as nobody knows biltong better than a South African, and we jumped right into the lion's den.  No doubt coming in with a bit of skepticism, these Safas were happily surprised to find out there is some real biltong in France now. 


Thank you, South Africans in France, for the Braai and for you vote of approval.  It means a lot to us getting your support and thumbs up on our biltong. 

Cleaning the beach at Plage Borely, Marseille.

Sully crunching the numbers at the office.

Warren kicking it at home; sun, biltong, and fresh air.